The Water for Wetlands Coalition is a partnership between Audubon California, California Waterfowl Association, Defenders of Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, Point Blue Conservation Science, and The Nature Conservancy. These organizations are working together to secure sufficient water supplies for wetlands.

This website contains photos, video, and news about how the drought is affecting waterbirds and California?s wetlands.

Use this website as a resource ? and visit the ?about us? page to contact the scientists and policy specialists from the coalition to learn more and take action to conserve CA?s wetlands and migratory birds.

Why CA Wetlands and Waterbirds Need Help

Critical migration route

The wetlands of Central California form part of a critical bird migration route known as the Pacific Flyway, which stretches from Alaska to Chile. The Pacific Flyway represents a shared responsibility between many countries for the welfare of migratory birds.

Home to millions of waterbirds

Millions of migratory waterbirds ? including ducks, geese, terns, shorebirds and many others ? depend on California?s wetlands for water, food and habitat during their long journeys.

Record drought threatens birds

California is experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years. A lack of water increases the chances of bird diseases including avian cholera and avian botulism. In addition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service states that this year?s migratory population will be larger than last year?s population. This increase in ducks coupled with a major drought could create a ?perfect storm? of devastation for migratory water birds.

Experts worry that prolonged avian botulism and cholera outbreaks caused by drought could lead to large numbers of bird deaths, threatening both the environment and the economy.

We depend on healthy ecosystems and thriving bird populations

Migratory waterbirds are vital to the web of life. They play an important role in our environment, controlling pests and connecting us to places far away along their migratory path. The birds respond quickly to major habitat changes like drought, which make them critical indicators of the health of our ecosystems. Protecting their wetland habitat is essential to California?s environmental health. Wetlands are not only an essential stop for millions of birds as they journey the Pacific Flyway, they also help protect floods and are a natural filtration system for California?s streams and rivers.